Lisa Lewis :: photographer

Photography is the freedom to be. It is the ability to see the world without boundaries. Allowing the subject to exist in its own environment without judgement. Letting the camera capture the soul and the eye bear witness to the beauty. Simplistic truth.

CP The Artist :: creative

"Being a self taught artist all my life, art is in me. I want my art to portray the essence of life, love, tragedy, spirituality, self expression, hope and purpose. My appreciation and motivation for this artistry is part of my goal of having a long lasting relationship with you the viewer."

Charly Palmer :: artist

Charly Palmer was born in 1960 in Fayette, Alabama and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A successful graphic designer and illustrator with his own design studio and Fortune 500 clientele, Palmer devotes much of his life to pursuing his fine art dreams and is well on his way to establishing himself as a fine artist of note.

Kevin Stone :: photographer

Long before picking up a camera, Kevin had a career in advertising, producing award winning ads as VP / Creative Director for the nation's largest multi-cultural ad agency. In more than 15 successful years in advertising, Kevin had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the countries top photographers. It was their inspiration, along with Kevin's natural creative eye, which culminated into his unique and poignant photographic style and his own way of capturing the truth and emotion in every frame.

Marqueo :: artist

Marqueo’s fresh oeuvre rolls straight through the emerging, energetic intersection of street art and fine art.

His exacting cutouts, which first time viewers sometimes mistake for applied paint or other easier to control media, take days to complete; the most minor mistakes get tossed in Marqueo’s recycling bin.

“My art is a snapshot of my life,” says Marqueo. “I’ve always been drawn to street art. It’s creative and disruptive

Kamau Ware :: photographer

Storystyle photography changes the practice of image making from capturing a subject to crafting a story; real or imagined. This is challenging and liberating all at once. This is a style i feel passionate about that i believe will liberate more photographers and make photography far more interesting. We’ll have to see. Stay tuned and feel free to join the conversation.

Brandi Pentijohn :: photographer

As a documentary photographer, I enjoy the historical value that the genre brings to the viewer. Through the process of being a documentarian and a photojournalist, I have found that my interest is in getting closer to the people that I photograph, wanting to know more about them; and thus letting my audience more about them.

Gerald Williams :: painter

Art Is a State of Mind... Come Journey Through Mine.

Knight Shade :: creative mind

Kamau Akabueze :: photographer

I love the feeling of looking through my viewfinder, or at an image in my digital darkroom and seeing things that give me goosebumps and provoke thought.

Nyki Elle :: photographer

I’ve always been fascinated by people; the way they carry themselves, the way they dress, the way they are. Be it through one’s gestures, expressions or accessories, my goal in photographing people is to capture those real-life, often candid moments where the subject’s true essence is revealed through the lens. 

Ben Brown :: photographer

Adrian Franks :: illustrator

Creativity & art should always report on the current environment of the day as well as tell stories of the pass. My work is a reflection of me being a maven of history using contemporary mediums to tell those stories. Being that history is being made everyday, I also like to report on current events through my creativity in the form of many mediums. These mediums range from digital compositions, paintings, drawings, photography, motion graphics, posters, ads, stickers, branding, etc. It has to be about the idea first and these mediums are great platforms that conveys the idea.

Dante :: painter

For the last decade, Dante has been exhibiting paintings of the body, in varying forms, as they manifest in his imagination. From the sensual, to the mundane, to the ethereal, Dante's figures float, flail, and hide within his painterly canvases.

Rox :: photographer

Yirayah Garcia :: Beat Maker

"Fearless wears the crown"